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Air-Stirrup II ™

  • Aircast Air-Stirrup was the first prefabricated stirrup to hit the market over 30 years ago and has been the 'standard of care' ever since. Many companies have tried to copy the Air-Stirrup but none compare.
  • With its clinically proven Duplex aircell system, the Air-Stirrup is the only brace that allows for functional management to promote efficient oedema reduction and accelerate rehabilitation.
  • This same technology is used in the Air-Stirrup II as we continue the Aircast Legacy with the next generation Air-Stirrup.


  • Acute injury
  • Post-op
  • Ankle Sprains (grade I, II, & III)
  • Duplex™ Aircell System (pre-inflated distal aircell and overlapping proximal aircell) enhances circulation, reduces the swelling by milking away the oedema, accelerates the healing process and helps an early return to function
  • Stylized medial and lateral anatomical semi-rigid shells provide support and protection and help prevent inversion/eversion or re-injury
  • Rear step-in design & strapping configuration facilitates application of the brace
  • Breathable soft mesh liner for increased comfort
  • Foot icon assures correct Left/Right orientation


Ordering Information

Part Number Size Patient Height Brace Length
Left Right
81-02VSL 81-02VSR Small < 1.57 cm (< 5’2”) 21.6 cm (8½")
81-02VML 81-02VMR Medium 1.57-1.67 cm (5’2”-5’6”) 23.5 cm (9¼")
81-02VLL 81-02VLR Large > 1.62 cm (> 5’4”) 26.7 cm (10½")





Aircast Airstirrup II- How It Works:
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