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AirSelect ™ Elite

AirSelect™ puts comfort, control and healing in the hands of the patient with the most advanced pneumatic walking boot available. Beneath its sleek appearance are patented technological advances that work together to enhance treatment and improve outcomes. The integrated inflation system lets patients inflate each aircell individually, to maximise comfort and minimise oedema.


  • Specifically designed for stable fractures of the lower leg, foot, and ankle; severe ankle sprains; and post-operative immobilisation. Clinically proven effective in healing fractures and managing oedema.
  • Durable, semi-rigid shell helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection
  • Overlapping Duplex aircells (posterior and distal) provide intermittent pneumatic compression for faster edema reduction
  • Integrated Inflation System for ease of use
  • Front panel is pre-inflated and combined with the overlapping aircells, provides a ‘total contact’ fit
  • SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock, while the lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole encourages a natural gait
  • Enclosed toe cover provides toe protection


Ordering Information

Part Number Shoe Size Sizes
EU Men Women
01EP-XS Up to 35.5 Up to 3 Up to 3 XS
01EP-S 35.5 - 39.5 Up to 6 3 - 6 S
01EP-M 39.5 - 43 6 - 9.5 6 - 9 M
01EP-L 43-47 9.5 - 13.5 9 - 12 L
01EP-XL 47+ 13.5 12 + XL



Part Number Description Size
01K-L Standard Left Small/ Medium/ Large
01K-R Standard Right Small/ Medium/ Large
01K-XLL Left X- Large
01K-XLR Right X- Large
0129P Tube Stretch Sock XS
0129A Tube Stretch Sock, Universal Universal
01E102X Liner & Insole Replacement Kit "Elite" XS-XL
01E104X Strap Replacement Kit "Elite" & "Standard" XS- XL
01E1050 Kit Extension Strap Replacement Universal


 Sizing Information

x = 1 XSmall
x = 2 Small
x = 3 Medium
x = 4 Large
x = 5 XLarge


Product brochure: AirStirrup II – Datasheet:
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AirSelect Advert:
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Product catalogue: AirSelect Catalogue:
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AirSelect Elite Datasheet:
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Airselect - The Ultimate Combination:
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