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Junior MX Champion praises Armor
Crunch time for 12 year old British Motocross fanatic Lewis Petfield... and with a little help from the Armor brace his junior career fortunately didn’t stop there...

Lewis Petfield has a passion for bikes, in particular, motocross bikes. Only 13 years old, Lewis has already won numerous high profile events on his KTM big wheel 85 bike over the last nine years.

His trophies include the 2003 British Moto Champion auto 50’s, the North East Champion 65 Class and the Cumbria Champion 65 Class in 2005 as well as the North East Champion 85 Class in 2008.

Each event is a gruelling test of control of the bike coupled with the skills to manoeuvre at maximum speeds. The thrill of the turns, spins and high-speed landings has made it one of the most popular youth biking sports for both competitors and spectators.
Lewis Petfield in action
However, last September, Lewis was riding at the Garstang – Lancashire’s round of the KKMX Championship. It was a thrilling race and as always Lewis was giving it his all. He was battling for the lead and managed to overtake. Now with the lead he came to the tabletop where disaster struck. As the young boy rode down the slope he hit a kicker, the suspension preloaded and the back end was spun out towards the post. All of a sudden the back wheel came round and went right over the top of his leg.
Lewis was taken to hospital in an ambulance where the doctors took off his buckled DonJoy Armor braces to carry out a series of x-rays. He had a cracked tibia and broken an ankle which needed emergency surgery.
It was unanimously agreed by the Doctors that if Lewis hadn’t been wearing his DonJoy Armor braces it would have been doubtful that he could have ridden competitively again.
Despite this set-back, Lewis was determined to get back on the track and after only three weeks of extensive physio, he went out to reclaim the 25 points he had lost in the KKMX Championship. He then went on to win the last two races and became the 2008 North Yorkshire Champion (85 Class).

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