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The Defiance III measures up well in Swedish ice hockey
A high impact contact sport like ice hockey has more than its fair share of injuries. As Sweden prepares to defend their Olympic Gold in Vancouver next year, the members of The Swedish Hockey Team Physician’s Society, a group of 32 leading ice hockey medical practitioners and physiotherapists who look after Sweden’s 20 elite ice hockey teams, heard how functional bracing could be an invaluable tool in their players’ armour.

DJO Nordic was privileged to be invited by the Federation to host an educational workshop during their first meeting of 2009 last month at Stockholm’s famous Globen Arena. Ice Hockey is Sweden’s no. 2 sport with 65,797 licensed players.

Hakan Nordstrom,
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According to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)’s Injury Reporting System, in 2008 the IIHF Senior Men Championships saw the highest increase in injury rates increase in the last 10 years.  With injuries having a significant impact on club finances, team motivation and, of course, results, team medics are especially interested in getting their players back on the pitch as quickly as possible and protecting them against re-injury.

With functional bracing gaining popularity in high-impact sports like ice hockey, the group was given an in-depth presentation on the technical, scientific and medical aspects of functional knee bracing and how it can help prevent re-injury. As an example, they were shown DonJoy’s hallmark knee brace, the custom fitted Defiance III. This robust brace boasts two of DonJoy’s patented technologies - the FourcePoint™ hinge clinically proven to protect the ACL and the 4-Points-of-Leverage™ System which provides ligament stability.

They were also shown how DonJoy’s Custom Contour Measuring System (CCMI Mark III) can be used to measure up for their Defiance III.

The session was well received by all attending and overran by 30 minutes! “It was a really valuable talk,” said orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Bengt Gustafsson. “Team physicians and physiotherapists meet twice a year to interact and socialise. It is an important platform to allow members the opportunity to acquire a consolidated overview of the best practice available. The DJO presentation showed the full extent of treatments available for many ice hockey injuries. It is important that all medical practitioners talk the same language and combine as many different techniques for treating injuries to ensure a speedy return to the pitch. In addition, individual team medics must be confident that a consistent standard of care is offered across the sport. Going forward it is important that we maximise this knowledge on a global scale, as well as regionally, to keep abreast with ever-changing techniques and developments. All in all it was an invaluable exchange of ideas and feedback.”

If your sports organisation or department is interested in finding out more on functional bracing please contact your local DJO office.


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