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Cartilage repair moves on...


Following the success of DJO Publications’ first book, ‘Current Concepts in Achilles Tendon Rupture’, work has started on a second publication, ‘Current Concepts in Cartilage Repair’, scheduled for release at ESSKA 2010 in Oslo.

Trauma to articular cartilage is one of the most challenging issues in today’s musculoskeletal research. This is because of the poor intrinsic repair capacity of cartilage. Over 50 years ago, Pridie introduced the subchondral drilling for cartilage repair while the autologous chondrocyte implantation technique was first used more than 20 years ago. Since then several new techniques have emerged.

At ESSKA 2008, the series of presentations by the ESSKA Cartilage Committee on small versus large cartilage defects was so well received that the group agreed then to produce a new book.

The distinguished organizing committee met in Miami for their second meeting during the ICRS Congress in May (the first meeting was held during the AAOS in Las Vegas).  Chaired by Ass. Professor Mats Brittberg from the Cartilage Research Unit at University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the members discussed the proposed content for the new book.

The book will be in two parts: one will illustrate the basic science of cartilage repair and the other will cover the clinical perspective.

The result of the committee’s hard work will be published in a high quality book by DJO Publications which will be available at ESSKA 2010.

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