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Chattanooga picks up “Spirit of Innovation” award for groundbreaking critical care rehab platform

Congratulations to Chattanooga whose recently launched Moveo XP won this year’s Kruesi Spirit of Innovation award earlier this month for the most outstanding innovation in new products within the Chattanooga (Tennessee) region.

A first of its kind...

The Moveo XP is the first Rehabilitation Platform of its kind and is designed to introduce weight-bearing exercise to deconditioned or bed-ridden patients at an early point in their physical rehabilitation. The platform allows patients who would normally be incapable of supporting full body weight to participate in weight-bearing activity at a much earlier stage.

The customized workout intensity lets the patient progress at tolerable levels and allows them and their therapist to see objective, incremental progress which can increase motivation and foster a sense of accomplishment.

Moveo XP                                                                                          Spirit of Innovation award

“Critical care rehabilitation often requires a period of bed rest that can last up to several weeks in order to obtain medical stability,” explains Jeff Powe, Chattanooga’s Senior Product Manager.  “The devastating complications caused by prolonged immobility can directly impact on healthcare costs, and more importantly, quality of life. The toll on care providers who are lifting and assisting patients who can’t support their own weight is also a great concern.”

“This award means a lot to the team here at Chattanooga who have worked so hard on bringing this concept to market over the last few years,” added Chattanooga’s International Marketing Director, Debbie Joles.  

Not only does it impact on patient fitness management, but it also works on quad strengthening and endurance building which helps to improve patient confidence. In addition it has been successfully used on comatose patients to help arouse the senses and encourage active participation.

Early adopters of the Moveo XP include the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research at Brooks Army Medical Center, and selected Mayo Clinics in the US.
The Kruesi Award (link) was created by a relation of Thomas A. Edison famous for his invention of the light bulb. The award recognises and aims to promote local innovation as a critical component of competition in the 21st century.

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