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Double World Champion Antonio Cairoli advocates ‘Safety First’



Antonio Cairoli is one of the most talented riders there has ever been. The double world champion motocross rider has a spectacular style and impressive speed. He won the MX2 world title in 2005 and 2007.  2008 looked as if it was going to be Antonio’s year again, but a knee injury sidelined him at mid-season. After an ACL operation, ‘Tony the Tiger’ was super motivated to get back where he belongs: at the top.

“It’s not easy to regain confidence after a major injury,” says Antonio. “My knee was hurt badly, and the most frustrating thing was that at the moment of the injury, I was wearing knee braces. I thought I was protected, but obviously I wasn’t.”

When the double world champ got back on his bike, he hooked up with DonJoy.  Cairoli opted for the fit and security of a Defiance brace. “Riding with other braces is no longer an option for me”, said the Sicilian. “I’ve experienced the difference and this is a very clear choice. For me it’s safety first now. I have experienced how a major injury can set you back. It’s a mechanical and very fast sport. You can never rule out an injury. But it’s clear you have to protect yourself as well as you can. Nobody goes riding without a helmet. Neither do I. But I’m not getting on my bike again without my DonJoy Defiances. They give me support at a level that no other brace can. I feel safe wearing them, and in a sport where confidence is key, that’s a very important feeling.”


DJO’s ‘Riders Support’ came to Antonio’s rescue at the UK MX Grand Prix at Mallory Park last month. He was run over at the start of the qualifying race and injured his wrist by getting caught between the chain and sprocket of his Yamaha, and the footpeg of another bike planted in his back. It looked doubtful that he would be able to ride in Sunday’s Grand Prix, but intensive treatment with Compex reduced the pain and stiffness to help the Italian defend his championship lead.



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