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Top Swedish Ice Hockey player, Mattias Timander, becomes new Face of DJO




Mattias Timander has had one of the longest careers in international ice hockey. The Swedish star started playing professional ice hockey back in 1992 and is now, at the age of 35, still one of the top players in Europe. He spent a large part of his career playing in the United States and between 1996 and 2004 the strong Swede played a total of 442 games for various teams in the NHL. That’s nothing short of amazing. It’s safe to say that for eight years, Timander took part in one of the toughest competitions in the world. And he did that with top teams like the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Non Stop at the Highest Level


  Five years ago (2004), he returned to the Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik in Sweden. He then became world champion with Sweden in 2006 and Swedish champion with his team in 2007. Because the Swedes take their ice hockey very seriously, he is once again competing at the highest level in a very physical sport. Three years ago Timander, 103 kg and 1.88 m, injured his medial collateral ligament in his right knee. Since then he has relied on a Donjoy Defiance knee brace to keep his knee stable and free of injury. “DonJoy braces give my knees the extra stability I need and the confidence to keep putting a 100 percent effort into my game,” says Timander.


In spite of his height and weight, ‘Timmy’ is a very agile player and in every team he has played in, he has been renowned for his defensive strength. He trains hard and has great focus during the game. In spite of his MCL knee injury, Mattias Timander continues to play at the highest level. A small part of that accomplishment is thanks to the Donjoy Defiance III that he has been wearing since his injury. Today Mattias Timander is an alternate captain for his team and one of the most popular players in the SEL, the Swedish ice hockey league.




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