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Decision Making in Cartilage Repair


Cartilage repair is a subject that provokes passionate debate among peers, so it should come as no surprise that a symposium during ICRS to discuss variables influencing the choice of treatment was fully subscribed.

The editors of ‘Decision Making in Cartilage Repair’ held the open meeting in order to gather together the latest available guidelines from the assembled group of leading international experts on how to handle both common and rare cartilage lesions.

The meeting topics and discussions that resulted from this exciting group discussion will contribute to the first book in DJO Publications’ new series of ‘Clinical guidelines in Orthopaedics’ which will be published in 2012 and aims to provide practical guidelines for the young surgeon in a ‘cookery book’ type format.

The Cartilage Repair meeting was held by Prof. Mats Brittberg, Alberto Gobbi MD, Elisaveta Kon MD, Prof. Henning Madry and Stephan Vogt MD.  Chapters will include grounds for cartilage lesions needing surgery and how to treat small, medium and large sized lesions in relation to age, overweight and smoking. Furthermore, advice on how to handle cartilage lesions in patients with rheumatic diseases and early onset of OA and postoperative rehabilitation steps will be included. There will also be a chapter specifically for surgeons working with elite athletes who require cartilage repair and a practical ‘Tips & Tricks’ chapter on managing your daily practice as an orthopaedic surgeon.





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