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Kristi Richards ends Season with Gold


With the Winter Olympics behind them, the winter sports athletes still had a round of National and World Championships to contend with so we were delighted that Freestyle Skier Kristi Richards, one of the ‘Faces of DJO’, managed to find time to talk to us after she won The Canadian Championships in Calgary. We started by asking her how she felt after what must have been a very tough competitive year.

“It feels pretty good to finish off the year with a Gold at the Canadian Championships in Calgary, having started the year with a Gold and a Silver at the two Suomu Finnish World Cups. The last few weeks of the season have taken a lot of strength.  Every day has been a challenge to click into my skis and find the energy I need to ski how I want.  I am proud that I stepped up to the plate in the last two contest days to win the qualification and the medal round.  It means a lot to me to know that I can always find that extra little bit to push through.   I had to do a lot of self talk and a lot of breathing to get myself in the zone to compete well there.  It was not an easy course, and my knee was giving me problems.  I just wanted to finish off the season well and work through some technical goals.  I focused on the simple things here; taking the opportunity to learn, enjoying the sunshine, and projecting to each mogul.  This got me through the day, with the help of some breathing techniques in the gate.  I challenged myself mentally this contest with being in the moment.  I felt like I had a lot of control of how I was handling my emotions and how calm or excited I was.


“The product that I’ve been using most this season

was my Compex muscle stimulator. It has really helped with my recovery times after training or competitions, as well as getting me back into shape after small injuries.  I travelled with it all over the world."

We asked her how the Winter Olympics had been for her:
“I accomplished so many goals that I set out to do, and I can walk away proud of that.  I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of as a human being, and I opened the door to even more possibilities.  It was my goal to push myself and my sport, and I can say that I did that.  I have never jumped so big on a top air and skied out of it carrying so much speed.  I have trained for many years for that back full off of the bottom air (and it was the first time that I had a chance to compete it) and I stomped it.  I am proud of that.

Of course I wish the Gold had come along with the rest of my accomplishments, but in the bigger picture the outcome is not as important.  I have learned so much because I chose to go after my goals with everything that I have within me.”

We wish Kristi all the very best for next season.



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