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Pro-cyclist, Mark Cavendish, helps launch World’s first wireless Compex



In June, we unveiled the World’s first sports professional wireless electro-muscle stimulator (EMS) – the COMPEX Wireless  - which offers safe and effective muscular contraction while using revolutionary wireless technology.


Until their announcement to disband at the end of this season, the HTC-Highroad pro-cycling squad, consistently ranked as the number one team in the world for the past five years, has been helping us to test the COMPEX Wireless.


The HTC-Highroad team is the most winning team in pro cycling and one of those at the forefront of that innovation, so who better to test the new COMPEX WIRELESS, the world’s first sports professional electro muscle stimulator (EMS) to offer safe and effective muscular contraction while using wireless technology.


For the team, the new technology meant that they could get straight onto the team bus and start recovering from a gruelling stage, without untangling wires, with each team member using his own COMPEX Wireless pre-programmed to his individual physiotherapeutic needs by the medical team.

For team member Mark Cavendish nicknamed 'the Manx missile', the Compex is a vital part of his equipment and his endurance and sporting capabilities would certainly appear to be enhanced by its use. He has won 20 stages of the Tour de France, five of which he won in 2011. He's the first person to win the final stage three years in succession and, despite two points penalties, went on to win the points classification, and became the first British cyclist to win the Green Jersey "For professional cyclists, quick recovery and avoiding injuries are crucial! That’s why my fellow mates from the HTC-Highroad team and I use our Compex daily. Speeding up the recovery phase allows me to be in top form, both for the next training session or the next race. Obviously, stage races are extremely demanding, that’s why proper recovery is the key to success – that’s what makes the difference. After an intensive day of racing or after harsh training, my Compex helps me get back in shape in no time, whether I’m on the move or in my hotel room. My Compex helps me recover faster and helps me train more efficiently!"


Having won five stages of the Tour de France this year and worn the ‘Green Jersey’ for six stages, Mark’s endurance and sporting capabilities would certainly appear to be enhanced by his use of the COMPEX WIRELESS. Mark is just one of the many athletes called the ‘Compex Champions’. Both he and Chris McCormack, two-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, have joined Compex to challenge the public in the ‘No Limits’ campaign that is supported by a COMPEX WIRELESS dedicated website. Compex is a preferred supplier to many of the world’s renowned athletes who use electrostimulation to improve their overall fitness and recovery. For more information the Compex Champions, visit

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