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An Airlift for Flat Feet

In September two English doctors from Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton (Ben Burston and Andrew Kelly) presented a radiographic analysis of Posterior Tibial Tendon dysfunction bracing for adult-acquired flat foot deformity at the BOA Conference.

The research evaluated the effectiveness of the Airlift PTTD brace  for restoring the anatomical relationships of the hind foot and the medial longitudinal arch in patients with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

Twenty-two sequential patients with stage II posterior tibial tendon dysfunction were treated conservatively with an Airlift PTTD brace.

By elevating the talus and reducing its medial subluxation, the brace reduced the talar calcaneal divergence and improved the collapsed medial longitudinal arch. The researchers concluded that the Airlift PTTD brace is an effective and well tolerated device for the treatment of adult-acquired flat foot deformity.  

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