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Preview the Latest Innovation in Shower-Proof Splint Technology

From January 2009, we are delighted to announce that we will be the exclusive worldwide distributor for FastForm’s new thermoplastic wrist splint. The new FastForm Splint from innovative life sciences company, FastForm Research based in Waterford, Ireland will be added to our bracing and supports portfolio.

The FastForm wrist splint is designed for wrist fracture stabilization, sprains and strains, tendonitis and other cumulative trauma injuries and offers an innovative and proven alternative to traditional casting methods.

It was recently given the thumbs-up by a prominent Irish League footballer, Ciaran Lyng. After suffering a hand fracture, he is convinced that his speedy return to the Leinster Championships should be credited to its ground breaking properties.

FastForm’s technology is based on a highly malleable, bio-degradable polymer system whereby the materials can be converted quickly and easily to a malleable state. After generating the desired shape, the material reverts to its original structural strength and rigidity making it more user-friendly than traditional casting materials. Integrated high-tech padding ensures maximum support, comfort, hygiene and convenience compared to plaster of Paris or synthetic materials thus patients enjoy a much better healing experience.

A key benefit that will be appreciated by patients is that it can be worn while taking a shower. As well as being biodegradable and non-allergic, the FastForm Splint is multi-functional: it can be adjusted to compensate for swelling and muscle atrophy, removed and reused for limb inspection and converted to a rehabilitation brace at a later stage of the healing process to help accelerate recovery.

Like many of DJO’s products, the FastForm Splint is lightweight with an open aerated design to promote breathability which reduces itching and skin irritation. It is easy to apply: no dust or fumes are generated during application nor is water needed to activate the product which means application sites are kept clean and hygienic.

Ciaran Lyng is testament to its success. “The splint was custom moulded on my hand so it fitted like a glove. It was really comfortable and supportive and stood up to really heavy duty usage during the weeks my hand was recovering.” His manager, Jason Ryan, added: “Ciaran wouldn’t have made the recovery he did without the FastForm Splint.”

To find out more about the FastForm Splint, talk to your national sales manager.

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