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DJO Goes Direct in Benelux & Italy Continuing to Refine Customer Service with Two New Subsidiaries  | June 2007

In line with DJO’s International growth strategy, the Company has set up direct distribution in two new regions – Benelux and Italy.  These new subsidiaries will be responsible for the combined product lines of both DonJoy® and Aircast®, and will enable DJO to both roll out broader product ranges and significantly improve and develop customer relations throughout these key regions.

DJO Benelux and Italy are the eighth and ninth international subsidiaries to be established alongside Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Nordic, Spain and the UK. Paul Van Langen, based in Brussels, who can be contacted at, is General Manager of DJO Benelux and presented for the first time at the recent Orthopedica Belgica, the new Dutch and French versions of DJO’s catalogue. Meanwhile, George Thorp has been nominated General Manager of DJO Italia SRL, and can be contacted on All DonJoy, Aircast and Procare product lines are distributed in Italy from their Milan base in Trezzano Sul Naviglio, and the main contact in our office for information, general sales enquiries or to place orders is Mrs Raffaella Pozzi, who can be contacted at or

These two new subsidiaries were established in April this year, and can be contacted via email, or by visiting the new DonJoy International website.

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