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"The Road to Recovery" by Thierry Sarasyn | June 2007

For Nick de Wit, the South African freestyle motor cross star, the 2007 season looked more promising than ever. He had a complete European tour booked for the Winter and Spring and would be competing in the most important competitions there. After that he was lined up for the Red Bull X-Fighters - ‘Sick Nick’ was even going to be the first African rider to compete in the ‘Olympics of freestyle motor cross’. Sadly things didn’t work out as planned…
During the Masters Of Dirt competition in Graz, Austria, Nick pulled off some amazing backflips, during which he put his left foot on the ground to make a simple turn with his factory KTM. This aggravated an old injury, which forced Nick’s left knee to pop out, even though he was wearing some kind of knee protection. He had torn his ACL and damaged the cartilage, which was very painful, and Nick’s pre-season ended there and then.

This is when DonJoy stepped in.

Thanks to their international network and worldwide contacts with top surgeons, DJO was able to arrange for Nick to be seen by one of the best consultants in South Africa who was able to operate on him in his hometown of Johannesburg. These meant that Nick could be operated on quickly and start his road to recovery from his home in South Africa.

Three months after the operation, things are looking up for the freestyle star from Jo’burg. He has full movement in the knee with very good stability and is building up strength. He’s not back on his bike yet, but once he is, wearing the DonJoy Defiance knee brace will help him avoid new injuries and allow him to compete at the highest level again.

We look forward to seeing Nick De Wit return to the top of FMX in the DonJoy sponsored FMX 4Ever Team.

The Beatles called it ‘with a little help from my friends’; for Nick De Wit, it’s all been with a little help from DonJoy. The back flips, however, are up to him.

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