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‘PODALUX’ – A step forward for podiatry | Autumn 2007

At DonJoy we are renowned for our pioneering technological product design and leading edge R&D so we are excited to announce the ‘Podalux’ - the first post-op shoe that aims to combine the benefits of post-op protective footwear with the look and fit of an open trainer.


The ‘Podalux’ was developed by two French orthopaedic surgeons, Dr Patrice Determe and Dr Christophe Cermolacce, to give patients added mobility following foot surgery, metatarsal injuries and soft tissue procedures and is particularly effective after Hallux-Valgus.

Its wide, solid and skid resistant sole not only accommodates bulky dressings but allows patients to enjoy extra stability, while the removable rigid foot plate provides adaptable insole firmness and arch support keeping the foot, toes and forefoot in their correct position during rehabilitation. The breathable micro-mesh lining and the two contact Velcro closure straps give added comfort.


Belgian mother of four, Ilka Steurbaut, put the Podalux to the test with great success. Ilka sustained a toe fracture which threatened to render her immobile, without the use of her crutches, for the school holidays. She said: “Using the Podalux was a lifesaver for me as my four young children had just started their holidays and I needed to be active. I found my crutches cumbersome as they limited my mobility, but the Podalux meant I was able to dispose of my crutches and resume my normal routine. I found the shoe extremely comfortable and it gave me confidence to move around knowing that my toe would be protected from further injury from knocks and bumps.”

The Podalux is available in five sizes from S to XXL.


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