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A Knee up for Ospreys Scrum Half

                                                                                                                                            Last March, Osprey supporters at Liberty Stadium were on the edge of their seats as they watched a thrilling match against English rivals the Saracens. After a gruelling hour and a half Ospreys finished with a 30-3 win taking them through to the finals of the EDF Energy Cup. Much singing could be heard as the crowds left their seats!

Unfortunately not everyone was so cheerful. Mike Phillips, a key Ospreys player, tipped to take the no. 9 shirt was injured in a colossal tackle half way through the match.

''Mike's ACL injury occurred when his lower leg was trapped in a tackle, imparting a rotational force to his right knee,'' explains Chris Towers, Ospreys' Physiotherapist.

''Injury surveillance studies in Rugby Union consistently show that knee injuries account for the greatest number of days lost to injury.  ACL injury incidence is comparatively low but due to the high severity of the injury they account for the greatest time lost.''

For Mike it was predicted he would be out of action for up to six months. He had his ACL reconstructed using a hamstring graft from his uninjured knee. As Mike had also sustained significant damage to his MCL on the injured knee, the decision was made to use the contralateral hamstring.

Chris goes on to describe how a rehabilitation programme was established to support Mike's future return to the Game. ''We had Mike fitted with a brace pretty much straight away, as it offered great protection to the knee after his operation. Because of the excellent mobility and function that it allowed, we were able to continue to use the brace through the early and mid stages of the rehab process.''

Fingers crossed it won't be too long before Mike will hear Ospreys spectators erupt into song again.


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