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Chattanooga unveils pioneering PT table



The Chattanooga Group, now part of the DJO House of Quality Brands, has a lot to be proud of. Not only does it produce some of the key products used in the Physical Therapy market it is also the world’s largest manufacturer of clinical electrotherapy devices.

When DJO merged with ReAble Therapeutics, they made great strides forward in forging the way into the physical therapy arena. This merger aligned DJO with some of the world’s best -known physiotherapy companies, including Empi, Ormed, CefarCompex and Chattanooga.

A device found in virtually every clinic worldwide is the physical therapy table. Recently Chattanooga embarked on a new engineering mission to develop a PT table that was anything but an ordinary staple in the clinic. The result is the ‘Region Treatment Platform’ a sophisticated piece of furniture with innovative materials, robust mechanical engineering and an ergonomic design.

Chattanooga started more than 60 years ago with humble beginnings as the inventor and manufacturer of the original Hydrocollator® Hotpac. This heat therapy product continues to be a staple in PT clinics today. Over the years, the company has continued to expand its physiotherapeutic product line to include more hot/cold therapy products, continuous passive motion devices and a complete line of PT tables and traction.

Chattanooga, as well as the other business units of DJO, have built and supplied medical equipment to meet the needs of the physical therapy community for many years. This success is founded on understanding the requirements of the therapists and designing products that will meet those needs at a fair price. This ideal will continue as we strive to never stop getting better.

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