DJO -sponsored FMX4Ever team reports on a "Rock&Ride" year

| February 2008



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The year 2007 began as it ended: with lots of FMX. It doesn’t look like it will calm down this year and that is why Jimmy Verburgh, manager of the FMX4Ever team, who lives with the sport he loves, believes he is a fortunate  man.

The DonJoy-sponsored MX Free style team (FMX4Ever) currently has 12 riders and is the biggest European Free style team, with riders from eight different countries all riding KTM bikes and each one of them a proud owner of a set of protective DonJoy Defiance’s.

After a crazy season, Jimmy and his team finished the year with a world-class, fascinating “Rock & Ride” show, sponsored by DonJoy, Jägermeister, KTM, Maxim   Playstation, Red Bull and Yamaha.  Those who were present were in for a spectacular, breathtaking show where risk-taking was the mantra of the young lads who must have been protected by a very understanding “guardian angel” - as well as a reliable set of braces as they performed the riskiest stunts in the air.  Bikes (with or without a rider) were flying through the arena, always landing meticulously on the ramps. Their skilled riders knew how to time their stunts to the very last second and encouraged by the fire-spitting “fuel-girls”, the crowed experienced an Extreme night to remember…

For 2008, the team has booked shows all over Europe and Asia and with their new third truck that will also serve as mobile landing ramp they are fully equipped for the coming season. Apart from the many Red Bull X-Fighters promo events, the team will be jumping in Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and many other locations. The team also has plans for a separate FMX4ever team tour, but they will keep us posted when more information is available.

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