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Focus on Achilles Tendon Repair

| February 2008

Following the first successful meeting of the International Achilles Tendon Rupture Consensus Group in March 2007, a second meeting was held on October 19th in Amsterdam. The Group worked hard on the production of a current concept book on Achilles tendon ruptures. This book will be the first to be published by DJO.

The outcome of this consensus meeting will be presented at a 60-minute dedicated symposium at ESSKA in May 2008 in Porto. The book will be presented at this meeting.

At the meeting in October, an official Achilles Tendon Study Group was founded. The founding presidents are Prof. C. Niek van Dijk, Prof. N. Maffulli, Prof. J. Karlsson and Prof. H. Thermann. This group will focus on promoting the research and scientific study of injuries to the Achilles tendon, and on fostering good fellowship among orthopaedic surgeons and research scientists.

On March 6th a third meeting will be held at AAOS in San Francisco, where all book chapters will be finalised and preparations for the symposium at ESSKA will be made.


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