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DJO launches Lombo-Abdo lumbar-abdominal support

| February 2008

In its constant efforts to be the leading provider of solutions to answer patients’ needs, DJO never ceases to innovate.

Through the acquisition and integration of the Axmed range of products, DJO has substantially increased its product portfolio. As a result, DJO is now able to offer a comprehensive array of Back Supports, covering the ever-increasing demand for products to help relieve the various symptoms of ‘‘backache’’.

For those patients suffering not only from lower back pain, but also needing extra anterior support and compression, DJO has developed the Lombo-Abdo.

This elastic canvas construction is ideally suited for patients with abdominal hernia, weaknesses of the abdomen, or who are overweight and consequently apply an extra load on their spine.

With its high-waist design, its strong elastic fabric, the Lombo-Abdo provides support and compression to the anterior abdominal area and helps alleviate – from the inside – the pressure applied on the lower spine.

The Lombo-Abdo has 4 flexible lumbar stays, 2 supple abdominal stays and 2 bilateral elastic straps for extra compression.

For those needing customised rigid support of the lower sacro-lumbar area, the Lombo-Abdo is equipped with an interior back pocket, designed to fit a removable thermo-formable back insert, to comply with the patient’s specific needs.

Lombo-Abdo can be ordered with or without the removable back insert and comes in sizes S to XXL.


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