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As announced in our last newsletter, we have recently launched our new medical publishing house, DJO Publications.
DJO’s mission is to improve lives by developing medical devices that become the standard of care in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions. With DJO Publications we aim to assist the medical professional to communicate their views and knowledge on what they see as the current “Standard Approach” and “Standard of Care” on different indications throughout the medical world.

DJO has drawn on its reputation to bring some of the World’s leading experts together with a view to discussing current consensus (or controversy) and a global approach to an orthopaedic or medical problem. The result of their discussions will be compiled by DJO Publications into a top-quality publication.
The first work in our “Current Concepts in Orthopaedics” series - Current Concepts in Achilles Tendon Rupture – is ready to be released and will be handed out (via a voucher in delegate bags) to all ESSKA members free of charge*  at ESSKA in Porto (May 21-25 2008) and also at The Nordic Orthopedic Federation Congress in Amsterdam (11-13 June 2008). 

The book is the culmination of the work of The Achilles Tendon Study Group (AT Study Group) which has, over the last fifteen months, gathered to discuss the best available evidence and expert opinion on the aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures. Having examined in depth the international achievements and directions taken by the distinguished group of authors, the AT Study Group will present their findings in a special 60 minute symposium at ESSKA in May.


Professors C. Niek Van Dijk; Jon Karlsson; Nicola Maffulli and Hayo Thermann
Contributing Authors:
Paul W Ackermann; Per Aspenberg; Francesco Benazzo; James D. F. Calder
C. Niek Van Dijk; Brian Donley; R. R. Elliot; Jon Karlsson; Gino M. Kerkhoffs
Karsten Knobloch; M. L. Lutz; Nicola Maffulli; Mario Mosconi; S.M.P. Rossi
Murali K. Sayana; Karin Gravare Silbernagel; Maayke N. van Sterkenburg
Aimee C Stroink; Masato Takao; Hayo Thermann; Richard G. H. Wallace
Giacomo Zanon

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