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Long Awaited Launch of New PCL Postoperative Brace

This summer sees the long awaited launch of an exciting new addition to the DonJoy Knee Brace collection - the PCL-Fource. It is a unique product specifically designed to avoid tibial sagging or stress on the PCL graft post-surgery.

Over 250,000 PCL injuries occur worldwide each year. Many of these are from traffic accidents. Over 40% result in surgical solutions. The new DonJoy knee brace is a perfect addition for pre and post surgical support as well as offering uses for repair and reconstruction work.

Using the latest innovation in post-operative knee care, the PCL-Fource knee brace adopts DonJoy’s patented “Reverse Fource Point hinge technology” which provides a dampening effect on knee flexes from 45° to 110°.

Developed at DJO’s Vista laboratory, this technology uses the reverse Fource Point hinge alongside the four point PCL strapping configuration. The net result helps ensure avoidance of the backward pull of the hamstring on the tibia thus preventing patients making high flexion angles. In addition, the support of the brace prevents the tibia gliding backwards at rest or during activity. Many clever additional enhancements combine to provide maximum comfort, for example:
1.Wide posterior calf straps to disperse the load evenly across the calf as well as push the calf muscles forward;
2.Tele-fit sliding mechanism to accommodate cold therapy wraps as well as allowing for independent strap movement;
3.Sili grip strap pads to avoid brace migration;
4.Three anterior straps ready to be cut to optimise fit.

The PCL-Fource is an off the shelf product. Low profile and easy to wear, it offers maximum comfort with its adjustable construction. It even comes in an XL version and is set to revolutionise pre and post operative comfort for many PCL injuries in the future.

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