DJO Global is at the dawn of a new era, a new chapter in our story.
Thanks to the integration efforts of recent years, we have transformed DJO Global into a powerful new entity that is the largest orthopedic rehabilitation company in the world today.
From prevention to recovery, DJO Global enables people to live their lives to the fullest by providing intelligent medical devices and services.
Our corporate slogan, Together in Motion™, reflects the strong connection between our people, healthcare professionals and patients with our brands.
This reflects our passion for helping patients to embrace life at every stage and every age. At DJO Global, we design our products to relieve pain, restore motion, and brace and support patients while they are healing… so they can embrace life once again.
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Our key product brands...

The Aircast® product range is focused around the foot and ankle, cold therapy and DVT prophylaxis. For the treatment of foot and ankle injuries, Aircast® developed the Pneumatic Walker™ range. The ankle bracing range includes the Air-Stirrup® A60™ and the AirSport™. Cold therapy products are marketed under the Cryo/Cuff™ brand and include treatment options for the ankle, knee and shoulder. DVT prophylaxis is managed by our VenaFlow™ range with cuff options for the calf and foot.
ARTROMOT® stands for market leading products made in Germany. There is no other CPM product line world wide that offers the full range of high quality devices for all joints. Patients treated with ARTROMOT® CPM devices after joint surgery recover much faster and with much better rehabilitation results.  ARTROMOT® CPM devices stand for German engineering at its best: durable in clinical and rental use, maximum reliability, state of the art technology.
CefarCompex is a growing medical-technology division of DJO with a leading position in the field of electrical nerve- and muscle stimulation (clinical electrotherapy). CefarCompex has a global reputation for being at the forefront of innovation in portable TENS and NMES technology. They have recently launched their latest generation of cutting edge stimulators and continue to provide the highest leve of support and training to both their professional and self-medicating customers.
Rehabilitation products by Chattanooga set a benchmark for innovation, reliability and excellence. As the world's largest physiotherapy manufacturer and with more than sixty years of experience treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders, Chattanooga is synonymous with rehabilitation equipment. Chattanooga provides a complete package of products for hospitals, clinics and homecare settings worldwide with hot and cold therapy, electrotherapy devices, treatment tables, traction exercise modalities and such more.
CMF manufactures and markets proprietary, technologically advanced products designed to promote the healing of musculoskeletal tissue, with particular emphasis on fracture healing and spinal repair.
Compex is a Swiss brand that has built up unparalleled expertise over a period of just over twenty years in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Over the years, Compex’s flagship electrostimulation technology has become an essentially to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment.
DJO Surgical designs, manufactures and sells a broad line of adult reconstructive hip, shoulder and knee implants. In addition to conventional technologies, the division has developed many cutting edge, proprietary patented devices. We are one of the industry leaders in areas such as alternative bearing systems and give surgeons and their patients a full complement of primary revision implants.
The DonJoy products include functional knee bracing, post-operative upper and lower extremity bracing, a range of patellofemoral and osteoarthritis braces and a cold therapy range. Our regeneration products include bone growth stimulation devices used for the treatment of non-union fractures.
Empi is dedicated to the scientific exploration and development of medical products that promote recovery and wellness through active treatments that do not disturb or interrupt the body's natural chemistry.
Procare, a comprehensive range of Orthopaedic Softgoods, is manufactured within the DJO Global portfolio using all their research, technology and design support. The Procare range is a recognised and respected brand throughout our hospitals and clinics around the world. Its products are designed to help the patient in the most comfortable way through the healing period and back to full recovery.