Max Trax Diabetic Walker


DonJoy MaxTrax Diabetic Walker

This boot is made for walking. Tailored superior un-weighting


The DonJoy MaxTrax Diabetic Walker is the ideal solution for the treatment of plantar ulcers, providing superior un-weighting and reduced pressure areas with plantar ulcers.

•  Design

°         Impax Grid technology: constructed of pre-cut layered Plastazote® foam. The bottom two layers of foam can be easily removed around the affected areas, redistributing load away from healing ulcers.

°         Key benefit: the top layer of foam stays in contact with the plantar surface of the foot, not allowing “hot spots”.

·         wider footbed,

·         moldable aluminium uprights

·         shock absorbing heel by cushioned inner/outer soles

·         rocker bottom




°         Breakdown uprights for shorter patients

°         Low profile height to match shoe height

°         No seams – liner is a one piece design

°         Toe cover for protection


°         Quick and easy to fit

°         Simple to customize around plantar ulcers

°         Foam grid blocks are easily removed or replaced

°         Easily removed for wound care treatments.

°         Breathable, comfortable, hypo allergenic and non irritating materials

•  Clinically

°         Superior un-weighting: much more cushioning for higher forces

°         Reduced pressure areas: no hot spots


•  Ease of use