OA Adjuster


OA Adjuster

Take a load off!


When it comes to superior offloading, the OA Adjuster covers all the bases. Commended by the Arthritis Foundation for Ease of Use and rated clinically effective in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, it offers immediate pain relief without surgery or pharmaceuticals. For active patients, that’s a huge win.


The OA Adjuster is ideally suited for active, adult patients with moderate to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis, moderate to severe ligament instabilities, and for post-operative rehabilitation. 


•  Design

°          New Lock and off-Load Technology™: shifting compressive knee joint forces from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment.

°          Swooping Thigh and Calf cuffs: providing inner leg clearance

°          Floating Hinges

·       Allow a contoured fit with a double upright design

·       Redesigned gears reduce noise and improved fit and durability

·       Streamlined, low profile design mitigates frame impingement through the range of motion

°          Anti Migration Band on the upper calf: improving brace suspension

°          Low profile Swiveling D-Rings: accommodating leg movement.

°          Universal OA Key: enabling patient-controlled load adjustments.


•  Ease of use:

°          Commended by the Arthritis Foundation for Ease of use


•  Clinical Effectivity

°          Highest average amount of medial condylar separation across patients with symptomatic unicompartmental osteoarthritis. (JBJS, May 2005)


Stay in the game with the new Donjoy OA Adjuster.