Protective post-op shoe with adaptable insole rigidity


Recommended for:

  • Designed for a variety of post-op and post-trauma foot and toe applications and more especially after Hallux Valgus operation (bunionectomie).
  • Protective footwear following foot surgery, metatarsal injuries, soft tissue procedures
  • Maintains foot, toes and forefoot in proper position during rehabilitation.

Podalux offers:

  • Wide, solid and skid resistant sole for extra stability
  • Patented Removable rigid foot plate for extra fi­rmness and arch support. Insole fi­rmness can be adapted according to post-op rehab protocols
  • Wide soled and open-toed to accommodate bulky dressings
  • Lined with breathable micro-mesh textile for patient comfort
  • Two contact closure straps for easy application and adjustment
  • Toe piece included covering up the toes if necessary.
  • Fits left and right foot
  • 5 sizes (S-XXL)

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