Tour Our Facility

When you visit the headquarters of DJO Incorporated, one thing becomes clear: the driving force behind our daily success is our most valuable resource, our people, over 1,600 employees in the US, Mexico and Europe.


Located in Vista, California, our team members enjoy a modern, yet people-friendly campus. The 276,000 square foot facilities house all departments including executive offices and customer care. It is here that products are taken from raw ideas to finished goods. 


Our idea factory is our Biomechanics lab and engineering department, which takes credit for over 100 patents! Here, inspiration is honed into industry innovations and continual product improvements. Using highly specialized computer software, product ideas are explored in a virtual environment. Once they pass scrutiny, prototypes are developed and tested on mechanical surrogates.


Above left: Building a better brace. This wall of prototype braces illustrates the creative design process that resulted in the OAdjuster.


But we don't take credit for all our ideas and inventions. Some of the best ideas come from active minds in the medical world. That's why we provide a stimulating environment to foster their exploration and ongoing learning in our Clinical Education and Research Facility (CERF) lab.

Our CERF lab is open to surgeons and clinicians and enables continuing education on the latest procedures using our arthroscopic surgical bays and cadaver research. It's our way to give back to the community that supports us and help them Never Stop Getting Better.


The greatest amount of manpower and acreage in our company is dedicated to our manufacturing facilities where 95% of our products are made in both Vista and Tijuana.


When you visit the production floor of our Vista location, the bright, open facilities provide a glimpse into the future of lean cell-based manufacturing


As our soft goods and selected functional braces rely heavily on sewing processes, one of the first things you will notice is our innovative lean manufacturing "cells". In these small groups, team members take products from materials to completed products in one compact "cell". Each "cell" provides its own quality control along every step of the manufacturing process and produces a packaged, finished product upon completion.


Other advancements such as a computerized automated cutting machine, streamline processes previously done by hand. Additionally, the machines save valuable floor space. As pieces are being cut on one surface, team members ready neoprene and fabrics for cutting on adjacent tables. Using floor tracks, the machine moves from station to station. It brings a new level of accuracy and speed to the cutting process.


As a highly vertically integrated manufacturer, even the hinges and plastic parts used in functional braces are crafted on-site in house in the plants. Working in tandem with engineering, machinists create one-of-a-kind dies for use in heavy-duty metal stamping presses and make specialized injection molding tools.

From start to finish, the craftsmanship and personal attention given to each product can be seen. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Defiance manufacturing cell. Because of the custom nature of Defiance braces, each product is hand-made from start to finish: from the carbon fiber skeleton, to shaping the leg cuffs to fit each patient's measurements, to the final personalized paint application.


Knowing every step of these processes allows our Customer Care staff to provide you with in-depth product knowledge. Whether you wish to track an order, learn on-hand status, or just get expert advice on the best product for a particular patient, we're ready to provide you R.A.R.E. (Reliable, Assuring, Responsive, Empathetic) service.


Our bustling shipping department is the final stop the product makes on its way to you. But it's not the last contact we have with our customers. Your satisfaction is important to us through the life cycle of the product. That's why we offer product accessories and maintain return policies in keeping with industry standards.


From start to finish, we are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative products in all the key segments of sports and orthopedic bracing. It's just part of our ongoing commitment to Never Stop Getting Better in everything we do.

Specialized software precisely lays out softgoods patterns to minimize waste.



Carbon fiber provides the superior strength in the Defiance custom knee brace. Here, carbon sheets are rolled into a hollow tube, providing four walled girding.

Packages wait on palettes to be loaded onto shipping trucks. Destination: every corner of the world.