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Artromot ® Active-K

The Active-K is a motorized physiotherapy unit that delivers a unique mix of rehabilitation therapies through a single device. Combining the benefits of CPM (Continuous Passive Motion), CAM therapy (Controlled Active Motion) and the onboard protocols, the patient is able to regain coordination and reduce proprioceptive deficit. 

Using the Active-K allows patients to regain painless mobility of hip and knee joints at an early post-operative stage and stimulates the healing process. Additionally, the active component of the therapy unit is intended to enhance proprioception and functional stability (strength) as mentioned at an early stage and thus improve coordination following joint surgery.

  • Enhancement of joint metabolism
  • Prevention of joint stiffness
  • Promotion and regeneration of cartilage and damaged ligaments
  • Faster hematoma / re-absorption
  • Improved blood & lymph circulation
  • Prophylaxis for thrombus and embolism syndromes
  • Bridging the gap from Passive motion to active training with resistive therapy during rehabilitation
  • Expedites coordination & sensory perception following surgery


  • Lightweight (17 kg) robust design, able to withstand +/-30 kg of force
  • Designed to ensure anatomically correct movements are maintained
  • Can be secured to a treatment table or bed using the fold-out stabilization supports and/or optional straps
  • Integral footplate sensor enables exercise forces to be measured
  • Computer controlled motor for CAM and coordination therapies
  • Fully adjustable to suit different patient sizes and heights
  • Advanced, interactive hand controller incorporating a full color LED screen for instant patient feedback
  • Controller features an easy to use icon based menu system
  • Patient Chip Card for storage of therapy data
  • A range of pre-programmed protocols for the 3 mayor indications (ACL/PCL, Cartilage repair, TEP) enables easiest usage
  • 2 year warranty
  • The Active-K has the capacity to allow clinicians to perform therapeutic strengthening exercises by allowing muscular contractions using the following methods:
• Concentric • Eccentric
• Isokinetic • Isometric

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
ARTROMOT Active-K Therapy Unit
Passive: blue (only CPM functions)
Active: green (only CAM functions)
Protocol: orange (only therapy protocols)
Special: red (all functions)


Patient chip card set including:
patient chip cards upon individual choice (10x)
Marker pen for patient chip card (2x) Eraser for patient chip card (2x)
Marker pen for patient chip card
Eraser for patient chip card


Active-K strap set (4 straps)


Connection cable for muscle stimulator


Transport trolley
Transport trolley (modular)


Transport box



Ordering Information

Range of Motion Extension / Flexion
Extension/Flexion ROM adjustment passively (by using the hand controller) or active ROM adjustment (by bending and stretching the leg)
Pauses (Extension and/or Flexion)  1 - 59 s/ 1 - 59 min
Timer 1 - 59 min/ 1 - 24h/continuous operation
Warm up protocol Gradual progression to the maximum set ROM
Speed 5% - 100% (seperatley for passive of active training) 
Reverse on load in steps 10kg - 60kg, patient safety feature in passive mode
EMS control For an optimal combination of CPM treatment and electrotherapy
New patient Activates the default setting for new patients
Therapy documentation Graphic representation of the overall treatment cycle
Key lock function 0 - 4 in steps, limits the changeable features and prevents accidental changes of the parameter setting
Transport setting Moves the carriage to the transport position
Set up For the basic adjustments of the device (e.g. language set up, service menu, date/time) 
Additional features for active exercising
Force (Extension and/ or Flexion) 

Seperately for each direction:  - Concentric\ eccentric training - Adjustable forces: from 0 kg (passive) to max. 30 kg

Active Zone

Zone within the set ROM for active training (max. 0° / 0° / 90°)

Coordination features
Maintain force static/ dynamic Enables isometric or limited isokinetic training
Find angle active/passive Increases the perception of the current knee angle position
Free training

Active training against adjusted force resistance over entire possible ROM 10° / 0° / 120°

Adjustable features within the therapy protocols
Indication ACP/PCL, Cartilage, TEP
Extension/Flexion ROM adjustment passively (by using the hand controller)
Treatment level per indication 1 - 6, increasing activity rate (level 1 = 100% passive/ level 6 = 1% passive) 
Timer Duration of a level 20 min - 2 h
Demo Easy demonstration of a treatment level, to train the patient
Default setting e.g language set up, service menu, reverse on load, new patient
Weight 17kg
Dimensions* 96 x 38 x max. 57cm
Suitable for patient height approx. 135 - 205cm
max. permanent load on carriage 30 kg
max. patient weight Approx. 275 kg

 *Dimensions are listed as L x W x H

FR Catalogue 2019:

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