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Artromot ®-SP3

Artromot-SP3 offers anatomically correct motions (PNF pattern). Using the Artromot-SP3 is made easy by intuitive operation of the handheld programming unit with self-explanatory symbols. Artromot-SP3 optimizes ease-of-use through simple mechanical settings and offers easy to disinfect leg support and footrest.


  • Arthrotomy and arthroscopy procedures in combination with synovectomy, arthrolysis
  • Surgical treatment of fractures and pseudoarthrosis
  • Exercise-stable osteosynthesis
  • Operations on soft tissue in the joint area
  • Reconstructive ligament and tendon surgery
  • Operations on cartilage lesions
  • Achilles tendon reconstruction

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
Artromot-SP3 Standard
Artromot-SP3 Standard Chip
Artromot-SP3 Comfort
Artromot-SP3 Comfort Chip
Transport trolley
Transport Trolley (modular)
Artromot chip card



Ordering Information

Range of Motion
Plantar flexion / Dorsal extension
50° / 0° / 40°


Inversion / Eversion


40° / 0° / 20°


Artromot-SP3 Standard - Features
1 - 59 minutes / 1 - 24 hours / continuous operation
0 - 59 seconds
5 % - 100 %
Reverse on load in Steps (motor A and B separately)
1 - 25 / patient safety feature
Motor control
ON/OFF for isolated motion of motor A and B, plantar flexion/ dorsal extension
or inversion/eversion
Synchronized motors
ON = PNF-like motion pattern OFF = Randomised, asynchronised motion
Total therapy time
Added sum of the therapy sessions
New patient
Activates the default settings for new patients
Transport setting
Moves the motors into the transport position
Patient chip card (Optional)
Stores patient-specific therapy parameters
Key lock function
Prevents accidental changes of the parameter settings
Service Menu
Artromot-SP3 Comfort - Additional features
Stretching modes


For gradual and smooth increase of the range of motion
Therapy documentation
Graphic presentation of the overall treatment cycle
Warm-up protocol
Gradual progression to the maximum range of motion
ISO protocol
For separate exercising in both directions


11 Kg (24.4 lb)
78 x 42 x 39.5 cm (30.7 x 16.5 x 15.5 in)
Suitable for patient height
Approx. 120 - 210 cm (3’ 11” - 6’ 7”)
Max. permanent load on carriage
20 kg
Max. patient weight
Approx. 200 kg


  • * Dimensions are listed as L x W x H


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