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Cryo/Cuff ™ Wraps & Cuffs


  • The anatomically designed cuffs provide the theraputic benefits of controlled cold compression to minimise haemarthrosis and swelling and reduce pain.
  • Features and benefits
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Features and benefits

  • Cuffs are anatomically designed to cover all major joints of the body
  • Cuffs provide maximum coverage for optimum cryotherapy treatment
  • Soothing cold covers the affected area reducing swelling and providing pain relief
  • Cuffs are simple to apply and remove and may be detached from the cooler at any time for mobility without interruption of treatment.


Ordering Information

Cryo/Cuff Wraps & Cuffs

Part Number Description Size
Cuff Cuff and Cooler
10C01 10C Foot Cryo/Cuff M Foot
23-33 cm (9”-”13”)
10B01 10B Foot Cryo/Cuff L 25-43 cm (10”-17”)
10A01 10A Ankle Cryo/Cuff U Universal
11C01 11C Knee Cryo/Cuff S Circumference
15 cm (6”)
above patella
25-50 cm (10”-19”)
11A01 11A Knee Cryo/Cuff M 45-60 cm (18”-23”)
11B01 11B Knee Cryo/Cuff L 50-80 cm (20”-31”)
11ASC - Knee
Cryo/Cuff Self-Contained (SC)
U Universal
13C01 - Calf Cryo/Cuff U Calf
36-51 cm (14”-20”)
13A01 - Thigh Cryo/Cuff L Thigh
43-58 cm (17”-23”)
13B01 - Thigh Cryo/Cuff XL 51-69 cm (20”-27”)
16A01 16A Hand/Wrist Cryo/Cuff Universal
15A01 15A Elbow Cryo/Cuff Universal
12A01 12A Shoulder Cryo/Cuff U Torso
81-122 cm (32”-48”)
12B01 - Small Shoulder Cryo/Cuff S < 86 cm (< 34”)
12AXL01 12AXL Shoulder Cryo/Cuff with
Extra Long Strap
XL 107-137 cm (42”-54”)
1220XL - Shoulder Strap XL  
14A01 14A Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff Universal
11P01 - Pediatric Knee/
Elbow Cryo/Cuff
10P01 10P Pediatric Ankle Cryo/Cuff Pediatric



Brand Documents

FR Catalogue 2021: