Behind the comprehensive product portfolio we offer is a passion for life. 

We provide a range of clinically proven medical devices and services from pain prevention to recovery - but at the heart of everything we do is a desire to help people live their lives to the fullest.

We are the only orthopedic device company in the world to offer healthcare professionals and patients such a diverse range of rehabilitation products which cover the spectrum of preventative, pre-operative, post-operative, clinical and home rehabilitation care. Major global brands include: Aircast®, Chattanooga, CMF, Compex®, DJO Surgical, DonJoy®, Dr. Comfort and ProCare®: names which have come to stand for quality and effectiveness for thousands of people around the globe.

It’s not just healthcare professionals who have come to rely on our products to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Compex®, the reference in functional muscle stimulation, is used by many of the world’s most famous athletes to improve their performance. Likewise, consumers also often refer to our brands as the best they have experienced. Our diabetic Dr. Comfort® shoe range is very popular all over the world.

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Our key product brands...

Aircast’s efficient, anatomically designed range of braces, cold and vascular therapies have built a firm reputation for clinically proven efficiency, reliability and innovative product development. The lightweight, yet efficient and strong designs behind the clinically proven walking and ankle braces offer immediate relief and support for a quick recovery and - combined with cold therapy - a total solution to optimize healing.
Extending Aircast’s ability to support efficient patient recovery is a sophisticated vascular compression pump anatomically designed to prevent and treat venous disorders.
By adding anti-embolism stockings and compression hosiery to its portfolio, Aircast offers a complete vascular product range.


Artromot® stands for market leading products made in Germany. There is no other CPM product line world wide that offers the full range of high quality devices for all joints. Patients treated with ARTROMOT® CPM devices after joint surgery recover much faster and with much better rehabilitation results.  ARTROMOT® CPM devices stand for German engineering at its best: durable in clinical and rental use, maximum reliability, state of the art technology.


Dr. Comfort excels in the provision of specially designed therapeutic footwear, primarily to support the care of those with diabetes. The business has established a reputation for quality and comfort by providing footwear that addresses the adverse effects of diabetes and other foot complications. Offering comfortable footwear supports mobility, and as such Dr Comfort’s expertise fits perfectly within the DJO family.


The Chattanooga brand has become a trusted partner for physiotherapists all over the world, supporting patients’ rehabilitation with a range of premium quality, professional products for treating skeletal, muscular, neurological and soft tissue disorders. Chattanooga products support rehabilitation techniques ranging from electrotherapy to clinical ultrasound and from laser - to fluido - and shockwave therapy.
Offering a wide range of electro stimulation products, hot and cold therapy techniques and treatment tables under one roof represents the essence of DJO Global businesses: providing targeted solutions tailored to users’ specific needs, in this case, the physiotherapist.


CMF Bone Growth Stimulators offer innovative, yet simple to use devices for improving patients’ recovery rates by helping stimulate the body’s own healing process. Designed to encourage the natural healing process, DJO Global's CMF range of products offers technologically advanced products created to promote the healing of musculoskeletal tissue. Particular emphasis is given to fracture healing and spinal repair, achieved through accelerating natural bone growth with clinically proven systems.


Compex is endorsed by many world champions and leading athletes. The portable electro muscle stimulation devices - based on premium Swiss technology and featuring unique muscle intelligence technology - enable more efficient, targeted training for dedicated athletes striving for peak performance from their bodies followed by a smooth recovery. The systems also support elderly and disabled people looking to improve muscle health and relieve pain through targeted muscle stimulation.
Compex recently launched the revolutionary Compex Wireless, taking the lead yet again in changing the electro stimulation world as we know it.


Driven by DJO Global’s desire to create sophisticated products that improve quality of life and restore movement to those with degenerative arthritic disease damage, DJO Surgical is able to provide orthopedic surgeons a high-end, patient focused solution for total joint arthroplasty. DJO Surgical partners with key consulting surgeons provide focused, innovative and proprietary patent devices, such as the 3DKnee™ Total Knee System and Reverse® Shoulder Prosthesis. As an industry leader in differentiated technology and upper extremity solutions, DJO Surgical offers surgeons and their patients a full range of primary and revision implants for hip, knee and shoulder reconstructive joint surgery.


From humble beginnings back in 1970, the DonJoy range has become the market leader in knee bracing and is very well known for its proven effective 4-point premium braces for ligament injuries and osteoarthrosis.

Today DonJoy has a quality solution for almost every joint in the human body. DonJoy’s sleek looks and edgy design matched by premium performance gets the world’s top sports people back to the top of their game. Although often prescribed by medical experts in the sports industry, the products also benefit anyone requiring rehabilitation of ligament injuries and injury prevention.


ProCare has become a widely-recognised and respected brand in hospitals, clinics and professional retailers all over the world, thanks to the wide range of reliable orthopedic bracing and soft goods products offered at a cost-effective price.
Patients prescribed a ProCare product know they are in safe, comforting hands. Immobilisers, braces and supports for both upper and lower extremities are designed to help bring patients back to a point where they can enjoy movement again while at the same time benefiting from a more comfortable healing process.