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Exos FORM ™ 621

Designed with Exos thermoformable technology and Boa ® Technology's advanced closure system, the Exos Spine Brace combines superior decompression and support, with the ability to quickly and easily customise fit.

In the case of sacroiliac pain and dysfunction, the Exos FORM™ 621 provides superior stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joint through direct compression.  Silicon grip strips prevents the brace from migrating.

  • Adjustable (Angle) Belt Wings
    A fit for everybody. Adjustable Belt Wings are fully removable and can be tilted and angled to accommodate various waist and torso sizes and shapes to ensure a truly customized fit.
    • Adjustable Angles
      Belt Wings can be angled to accommodate different waist and torso shapes, ensuring an optimal fit.

    • Trimmable
      To ensure an optimal fit, the Belt Wings can be easily trimmed to remove any excessive material.


  • Semi-Universal Design
    One-size does not fit all, especially when you are trying to accommodate waist circumferences ranging from 25 inches (65.5 cm) to 65+ inches (165+ cm). The Exos FORM™ Spine Bracing System utilizes a semi-universal sizing system that uses a two size approach in order to accommodate the broadest range of body types and sizes.
    • Inventory Management
      Simplified ordering. Streamlined inventory management. The Exos Spine Bracing System’s semi-universal design minimizes inventory management requirements and makes it easy to order, stock, prescribe and deliver comfort and control to patients.

    • A Complete Line of Accessories
      A complete line of accessories that enable customers to fine tune your back brace.

  • Simple, Light Weight, Low Profile Design
    Looks matter, especially when you need to wear a back brace for an extended period of time.
    • Designed with the Patient in Mind
      Designed to be as light weight and low profile as possible, without compromising form and function, in order to promote better patient compliance.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Waist Circumference Height (recommended) Size
200621-40 Exos FORM™ 621 28 - 50" (71 - 127 cm) ≤ 69" (≤ 175 cm) S/M
200621-60 Exos FORM™ 621 51 - 61" (130 - 155cm) ≥ 69" (≥ 175 cm) L/XL
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