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The IROM Splint provides immobilisation and precise range-of-motion in 10° increments for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL surgeries. Formable hinge bars allow for varus/valgus positioning. And for warmer climates there is the Cool IROM.


  • 10° incremental range-of-motion control
  • Bars formable for varus/valgus positioning
  • Hinge bar breakdown capability
  • Integrated strap/hinge bar design
  • Also available in Telescopic model

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size information
11-0170-2-13066 IROM Short Length: 57cm (22½")
11-0170-4-13066 IROM Long Length: 66cm (26")
11-0175-2-13066 Cool IROM Short Length: 57cm (22½")
11-0175-4-13066 Cool IROM Long Length: 66cm (26")
11-0968-9-06000 Telescoping IROM Length: <66cm (<26")
11-0971-9-06000 Telescoping IROM, XL Length: 66-81cm (26"-32")
11-0970-9-06000 Telescoping Cool IROM Length: >66cm (>26")
FR Catalogue 2019:

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