Vision & Mission

Our common goal is to recreate natural motion, reflecting our passion for helping patients to embrace life at every stage and every age. This is how we transform lives.



As a leading healthcare company, we provide the facilities, resources and people to deliver state-of-the-art medical devices and services that enable people to live life to the fullest while maximising end-users; comfort. We value an open dialouge with our customers to gather insights that guide our innovation and continuous improvement.

We are committed to continued investment in research and development to fulfill our mission to improve lives by developing leading medical devices that become the standard of care in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions.


AircastĀ® user, Canada


"When running my daily route, I twisted my ankle severely.

My doctor prescribed me an AirCast ankle brace

and I was amazed how quickly it relieved my pain.

To my surprise, I was able to walk with the brace,

because the technology was based on healing while in motion.

Now that is a comfort I appreciate!"


There's an unbreakable thread running through everything we do: the desire to do things right for people who put their faith in us and our products. This is how we impact our world of motion as we know it.


We attract the very best talent to design high quality, effective products which can play an intimate role in people's lives. We constantly push boundaries by collaborating with leading medical experts to continue to challenge limitations.


We value an open dialogue with our customers to provide a seamless experience from the initial product research through to after-sales care and support.


We help people prevent injuries and support them on thier journey to recovery. We call it working 'Together in Motion'. This is the heart and soul of what we do.


Mike Mogul,

DJO Global President and Chief Executive Officer

"As a world leading Orthopedic company focused on helping people

maintain and regain the joy of natural mobility we offer a diverse portfolio

of products and solutions to prevent injury, rehabilitate muscles, bones

and joints and treat pain. We strive to give our customers a world-class

experience in product quality and service excellence."