Welcome to DJO International’s Press Room

Our new Press Room has been designed to help update journalists with all the news and developments from DJO International, the non-US division of DJO Incorporated.


We are a global company best known for our innovative, non-operative orthopaedic and bracing products that help promote musculoskeletal and vascular health, under the world-leading DonJoy® and Aircast® brands.


Our broad range of over 700 rehabilitation products have been rigorously researched and tested and have for nearly 30 years been recommended by medical professionals around the world to prevent injury, treat chronic conditions including osteoarthritis and diabetes and aid in recovery after surgery or injury. We make a rigid or soft brace to help support almost every joint in the body; our cold therapy systems help reduce swelling and inflammation after injury and our bone growth stimulation devices are used to treat non-union fractures and as an adjunct therapy after spinal fusion surgery.

If you would like further press information, images or comment, please contact email ukmarketing@djoglobal.com.