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Quick-Fit Shoulder Immobiliser

A universal design fits a wide range of patients, providing an easy to use option for shoulder protection post-trauma. The pillow offers 15° of abduction to help prevent internal rotation contractures. The arm sling is constructed with cool mesh material allowing for proper air flow. Fully padded waist and shoulder straps offer greater patient comfort.


  • Shoulder and stable arm fractures (clavicle, proximal or mid-humerus fractures)
  • Acromioclavicular joint injuries in acceptable position
  • Shoulder dislocations that have been reduced
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Support after surgical repair
  • Constructed of breathable mesh for a cool, comfortable fit
  • Release clip design on the waist allows for easy removal without changing the fit
  • Universal fit by folding the sling onto itself, to adjust to the arm length of the patient
  • Fits left or right, small or large
  • 15° abduction pillow for proper arm placement in internal rotation
  • Thumb loop to hold the hand in place
  • Sling portion features a top strap that can be released for easy access to the arm for controlled ROM exercises
  • A removable exercise ball is included to promote circulation-enhancing exercises
  • The shoulder strap is simply inserted through two "O" rings, and allows for sizing by adjusting the strap

 Ordering Information

Measurement taken from elbow crease to base of index finger

Part Number Description
06AB Sling with pillow
06A (Sling Only) Sling only


  • Min Length, 26.5cm / 10½”
  • Max length, 43 cm/ 17”
  • Depth, 18 cm/ 7”


  • Min Length, 26.5cm / 10½”
  • Max length, 43 cm/ 17”
  • Depth, 18 cm/ 7”


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