DJO Global, driving innovation and excellence 

DJO Global is proud of its reputation as not just a leading edge innovator, but an invaluable source of expertise and support to clinicians in the field.


At DJO Global, we allow ourselves to follow our natural instinct of continuous improvement. Our team continually strives for better performance, using insights from medical experts to drive innovations that result in better solutions and increased comfort for users. We also have a long and proud history of commitment to clinical research and development, both in-house and through collaborating with esteemed clinical and biomechanical institutions around the world.


R & D Process

Our product development process is a six-step "gate process" in which a product progresses through different stages via a strict sign-off procedure. This ensures proper market investigation, idea development, prototyping and testing before eventual product launch. A cross-functional project team is created, comprimising experts from different departments. new products can be designed by one of a number of highly qualified R&D teams, each possessing specific expertise. Together, with development engineers, our highly proficient team of product managers and marketers develop prototypes in close cooperation with customers via in-clinic observations and focus groups. This ensures that concept requirements are directly derived from customer needs
and allows DJO Global to develop smart solutions for real-life challenges. Our design technology is continually evolving to meet the latest trends and opportunities. Using advanced software modelling tools such as the latest prototyping machines, to facilitate the development of our products, we accelerate the design process to deliver advanced technology, fast.


Manufacturing Excellence

Expertise is vital when trying to make a difference to the quality of people’s lives. We make 95% of our products at dedicated DJO Global manufacturing facilities, giving us precise control over quality standards and manufacturing techniques. Due to their customized nature, products such as custom braces are handmade from start to finish to meet the needs of individual patients, meaning a high degree of craftsmanship and personal attention is required.



Quality Control

Quality control is managed through dividing production teams into 'cells', who take a product all the way from raw materials to packaged and finalised goods. A recognized quality control process ensures we deliver on our promise, and the service does not stop once a product has been shipped. many products come with tailored accessories to help ensure a personalized service for those patients with the greatest needs.



Together with our customers, we generate new ideas in our own facilities, where our Biomechanics Laboratory and engineering departments rigorously test the efficacy of our products in a virtual environment. We can already claim credit for more than 100 patents thanks to our dedication to original thought and research!



In line with our mindset of ‘Together in Motion’ we also work with the brightest and best minds to develop product innovations at our Clinical Education and Research Facilities (CERF) in the US. As a specialist centre open to surgeons and clinicians researching the latest techniques and procedures
in specially designed surgical bays, CERF is an invaluable educational tool and resource for all levels of practicing health care professionals. CERF helps us create new ideas which lead to targeted product development that may benefit patients and users in the future.