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Podalux II

Our updated version of the ever-popular Podalux, the Podalux II Post-op Shoe is now 20% lighter and comes in an extra size (XXXL, for shoe size 11-13).

A recent study also demonstrated that non-cambered Podalux shoes reduce back pain and increase compliance when compared to cambered shoes (Patel et al. Foot Ankle Spec. 2018 Jun 1, A Comparison of Two Designs of Postoperative Shoe on Function, Satisfaction, and Back Pain After Hallux Valgus Surgery)


Ergo Form

The hand is one of the most complex parts of the body, and one of the most active. With so many bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints working together, so often, the risk of sudden or gradual injuries is considerable. This is why it is important for practitioners and patients to have a go-to solution for the most common hand and wrist injuries they might encounter.


The ErgoForm  is designed to immobilise the thumb joint and is indicated for sprains of the thumb, subluxations, dislocations and rhizoarthrosis.



The ProCare XTEND 174 cervical collar helps provide substantial motion restriction while helping to minimize painful pressure points that can lead to skin maceration and/or breakdown. Removable open cell foam padding picks moisture away from the skin to help promote proper patient hygiene and enhanced comfort while minimizing skin irritation.



The World's first  custom-made Titanium ligament knee brace. A22 is designed for patients who lead an active lifestyle, practice non-collision sports regularly, and want to return to their level of performance safely after a ligament injury. Read more...




OA Reaction Web 

The OA Reaction Web from DonJoy is a new discreet solution for relieving the pain associated with knee OA, while allowing patients to regain or continue their activities. Read more...



Ultra Sling® IV

The best move in immobilisation. The UltraSling IV product line leads the way in comfort and convienience.

  • UltraSling IV - New contoured cushion design eliminates pressure on the ulnar nerve and provides comfortable 15 degrees of abduction.
  • UltraSling IV ER - Cushions switch easily from right to left reducing inventory required and can provide 15 to 30 degrees of external rotation.
  • UltraSling IV AB - A large comfortable cushion that switches easily from right to left reducing inventory required and can provide 45 or 60 degree abduction where required.