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Rehab TROM ™

The Rehab TROM is designed as a sized, short, ready-to-fit brace. It saves time in the operating room with a simple one-piece application. The easy-to-use TROM hinge provides controlled range of motion and quick locking capabilities to meet a variety of protocols for major ligament surgeries, meniscal repairs and patella realignments. The Rehab TROM is 42cm (16.5 “) long.

  • Easy-to-use TROM hinge
  • Sized, ready-to-fit
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Rehab TROM cuffs designed for extended rehabilitation

Ordering Information

Part Number Length Size
11-0295-2-06000 36-46 cm (14˝-18˝) S
11-0295-3-06000 46-56 cm (18˝-22˝) M
11-0295-4-06000 56-69 cm (22˝-27˝) L
11-0295-5-06000 69-81 cm (27˝-32˝) XL



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