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StabilAir ™ Wrist Brace

The Aircast® StabilAirTM Wrist Brace is a lightweight, water resistant, high quality wrist brace, designed to stabilize, protect and support the wrist to promote healing. The brace includes dual internal aircells to secure a comfortable fit while providing compression to help speed recovery. The anatomic shells encase and protect the arm and wrist, and allow inspection or treatment. Openings in the shells improve ventilation and improve comfort for the patient.


  • Post-operative support after wrist fractures
  • Other wrist injuries requiring maximum stabilisation or immobilisation


  • Water-resistant brace with easy-to-apply plastic shell design
  • Hand pump allows aircells to be adjusted to provide a custom fit

Ordering Information

Part Number Wrist Circumference Size
Left Right
05FSL 05FSR 12.7 - 16.5 cm (5" - 6") Small
05FML 05FMR 15.9 - 19.7 cm (6" - 7¾") Medium



FR Catalogue 2019:

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