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TROM Adjuster

The TROM™ (Total Range Of Motion) Adjuster is the only post-operative knee brace with an adjustable hinge to off-load the knee. It is suitable for post-operative rehabilitation after any tibiofemoral joint procedure (e.g, meniscus repair, meniscal transplant, marrow stimulation/ microfracture, osteochondral grafting, autologous chondrocyte implantation, osteotomies, etc.) which requires post-operative protection and unloading of the affected compartment.

  • Adjustable hinge provides off-loading of the affected compartment, creating a better healing environment
  • Telescoping adjustability between 45.5cm (17¾”) and 61cm (24’’) allows for independent strap positioning to accommodate cold therapy wraps/dressing and to adapt to a variety of patients
  • Sili grip strap pads to increase brace suspension

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
11-5115-9 TROM Adjuster, Medial Right / Lateral Left
11-5116-9 TROM Adjuster, Medial Left / Lateral Right
11-5117-9 TROM Adjuster XL, Medial Right / Lateral Left
11-5118-9 TROM Adjuster XL, Medial Left / Lateral Right



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