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TROM ™ Advance

The TROM Advance’s improved design takes post-operative bracing to the next level by providing the ultimate in fit, comfort and adjustability. The TROM Advance offers range of-motion control and locking capabilities following ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL surgeries, meniscal repairs, patella realignment, regenerative chondroplasty, stable femoral fractures, total knee replacements and high tibial osteotomies.

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Features and benefits

  • Streamlined hinge with ROM control and quick lock from -10° to 90° to accommodate all post-operative protocols
  • Telescopic sliding system to allow customised strap position above & below knee
  • Adjustability of length from 45.5 cm (17¾”) to 58.5 cm (23¼“) to adapt to patient’s length
  • Quick-release buckle for fast & easy application
  • Wide strap covers for additional support and comfort
  • "TROM": Total Range of Motion


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
24-9114-9 TROM Advance, Cool
11-9116-9 TROM Advance, XL Cool
11-9115-9 TROM Advance, Full
11-9117-9 TROM, Advance, XL Full

Sizing Information

Universal < 66 cm (< 26" ) 
XL 66 - 81 cm (26" - 32")
  • Measurements taken 15 cm (6") above mid-patella

Brand Documents

FR Catalogue 2021: