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VenaFlow Elite System

The new VenaFlow Elite unit is a state-of-the-art device, now encased in an up-to-date, low profile and light-weight design.

Designed as a prophylaxis for Deep Vein Thrombosis, the VenaFlow Elite System combines two proven technologies, rapid inflation and graduated sequential compression that work to mimic ambulation and accelerate venous velocity. For the superior emptying of veins, VenaFlow Elite also incorporates asymmetric compression. The breathable and comfortable calf, foot and thigh cuffs enhance the patient experience and are compatible with one universal pump.


  • For the prevention of deep vein thrombosis
  • Features and benefits
  • Specifications
  • Product Manuals/IFUs
  • Sales & Marketing Documents
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Features and benefits

  • Low profile, light-weight design
  • Easily stored, easily transported
  • Audible & visual alarms
  • Availaible with compliance monitor plus alarm notification for non-compliance
  • Telescoping bed hanger, extends up to 9 cm (3½")
  • Battery-installed units available upon request
  • Single or dual leg possible
  • System automatically identifies attached cuff configuration and adjusts pressure accordingly
  • Presets pressures & alarms, no adjustments neccesary
  • One pump for calf, thigh & foot cuffs
  • Provides ease of use and minimizes inventory
  • Soft and breathable cuffs
  • Assists in increasing patient comfort and compliance


Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size information
30BI VenaFlow Elite System -
30BI-B VenaFlow Elite System with Battery -
30BI-S VenaFlow Elite System with S mode -
30BI-SB VenaFlow Elite with S mode with Battery -
3040 VenaFlow Elite Calf Cuff Universal, one size fits all
3042 VenaFlow Elite XL Calf Cuff Uinversal, one size fits all
3043 VenaFlow Elite Bariatric Calf Cuff Universal, one size fits all
3045 VenaFlow Elite Thigh Cuff Universal, one size fits all
3046 VenaFlow Elite Foot Cuff Universal, one size fits all
3050 VenaFlow Elite Foam Calf Cuff Universal, one size fits all


Product Manuals/IFUs

VenaFlow Elite User Guide:
pdf EN |

Sales & Marketing Documents

Product brochure: VenaFlow Elite Datasheet:
pdf EN | pdf ES |
Vascular Catalogue:
pdf EN |
Product catalogue: DVT: Hospital Prophylaxis Catalogue:
pdf EN | pdf ES |
Asymmetric Calf Placement Poster :
pdf EN |

Brand Documents

FR Catalogue 2021: