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VenaPure ® - Thigh with Belt

VenaPure anti-embolism stockings have been designed with VTE prevention in mind. DJO Global has been able to use the years of clinical experience gained in the arena of VTE prophylaxis and combine all of these positive attributes into VenaPure.


  • For use in the prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in hospitalised patients and for the use in other conditions as directed by the clinician.
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Features and benefits

  • Graduated compression according to Sigel profile (18mmHg at the ankle, decreasing to 8mmHg at the thigh) to minimise venous stasis and venous dilation
  • Inspection toe opening on top of the foot to minimise risk of pressure point and ensure that skin integrity is maintained
  • Popliteal break is easily identified from stitch change to ensure that pressure is relieved around the popliteal vein
  • Pressure relieving panel at the inner thigh to ensure reduced compression against the femoral vein
  • Interrupted silicone band at upper thigh provides excellent fixation to the skin, without compromising compression
  • Inlay circumferential knit maintains correct positioning of stocking every time
  • Colour coded toe and top ensure that the correct size is selected according to patient measurement
  • Tape measures included in the dispenser to make patient measurement easier
  • Wide range of styles and sizes to ensure that the right product fits the right patient


Ordering Information

Thigh Circumference Calf Circumference (Toe Colour) Leg Length (Top Colour) Part Number Size
< 63.5 cm < 30.5 cm < 74 cm 402S-2 S
74-84 cm 402R-2
> 84 cm 402L-2
30.5-38 cm < 74 cm 402S-3 M
74-84 cm 402R-3
> 84 cm 402L-3
38-44.5 cm < 74 cm 402S-4 L
74-84 cm 402R-4
> 84 cm 402L-4
63.5-81.5 cm 44.5-55 cm < 74 cm 402S-5 XL
74-84 cm 402R-5
> 84 cm 402L-5
81-91 cm 55-66 cm < 74 cm 402S-6 XXL
74-84 cm 402R-6
> 84 cm 402L-6



Brand Documents

FR Catalogue 2021: