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X-Act ROM Hip

DonJoy X-Act ROM Hip orthosis is designed to provide precise protection and support post-operatively for patients following various hip procedures.


  • Minimally invasive hip procedures
  • Labral repair, with or without gluteus medius repair
  • Post-op proximal hamstring repair
  • Effective ROM control following primary or hip revision surgery
  • Compression belt provides support to the lower back
  • Adjustable fittings enable easy customisation to provide an exact fit
  • Universal sizing adapts universally to left or right hip
  • Virtual joint protects the hip capsule by providing stability and can safely limit range of motion following surgical procedures
  • Lightweight alternative, lighter than most other hip orthoses
  • Lateral Abduction Paddle assists the 3-Point Design, decreasing risk of dislocation

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Size
11-3233 X-Act ROM Hip Brace Universal *

*Iliac crests circumference: 66cm - 167cm (26” - 66”)

Part Number Description Size
25-7525 Replacement Pad Kit Universal
25-7528 Replacement Belt Universal
X-Act ROM Hip - Datasheet:
X-Act ROM Hip - Datasheet:
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X-Act ROM Hip:
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