Fitting Knee Braces - Measuring Guide

Most DonJoy knee braces come in 7 sizes, from XS to XXXL, sized according to the diameter of the thigh, 15cm (6 inches) above the middle of the patella (knee-cap).

DonJoy Knee Brace Sizes

Part number code (use in place of an “x”) Size Circumference (cm) Circumference (inches)
1 XS 33cm - 39cm 13˝ - 15½˝
2 S 39cm - 47cm 15½˝ - 18½˝
3 M 47cm - 53cm 18½˝ - 21˝
4 L 53cm - 60cm 21˝ - 23½˝
5 XL 60cm - 67cm 23½˝ - 26½˝
6 XXL 67cm - 75cm 26½˝ - 29½˝
7 XXXL 75cm - 81cm 29½˝ - 32˝

If the measurement taken is borderline between two sizes, we suggest going for the larger size. DJO works with a network of independent physiotherapy clinics and hospitals who can help find and fit a DJO knee brace from a qualified Health Care Practitioner. Find out more here.

Fitting Guides

To help with the correct use of our products we have developed a range of Fitting Guide Videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up-to-date as new videos are posted.


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Instructions for Use (IFU)

Please contact us if you require a PDF Instructions for Use.